Hot Turkey and Cheese

Hi there, sandwich lover here! I just got done posting my directions to my Hot Ham and Cheese so if your prefer ham to turkey, you should check thst out… or just swap the turkey for ham in this one!

I am not much of a pork lover so I don’t use ham for myself, I typically use turkey and if you aren’t new to my posts, you probably know that I am a cheese and carb lover so I am here to tell you how to make my favorite sandwich!


Turkey lunch meat, cheese – I chose swiss this time, two bread slices, butter & real mayonnaise.

Step 1

Butter one side of each of your bread slices.

Step 2

Put one of your slices in the pan, butter side down and spread your layer of mayo on the other side

Step 3

Now add your other ingredients, next will be your turkey and then your cheese. You want your meat to be between the cheese and mayo so it stays in place.

Now add your other slice of bread, butter side up

Step 4

Now cook your sandwich on medium heat until it’s the amoumt of golden brown as you like and then flip and do the same on the other side. Remove and put on your plate

Step 5 (optional)

Cut it in half!


  • Turkey lunch meat
  • Cheese (I went with swiss for this one)
  • 2 slices of Bread
  • Butter
  • Mayonnaise


  1. Butter 1 side if each of your bread slices
  2. Lay one slice butter side down onto your pan. Spread mayo on the other side, the side without butter.
  3. Add your turkey and then your cheese. Top with the other piece of bread, butter side up.
  4. Cook until bottoms piece is golden brown, flip and cook the oposite side

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