Better Than Eggs-in-a-hole

Toad in a hole has been promoted! See how…


Egg-in-the-hole, toad in a hole, egg in a basket, toad in toast… whatever you want to call it, is a delicious breakfast that most of us have heard of or even made but I always felt it could be better. I must warn you, I am a carbohydrate LOVER so my solution was simple, don’t cut the hole out! I tried this for myself one morning while the girls were eating oatmeal & Nate was out of town and decided that it was one of the best breakfast I have ever had! As soon as Nate came back, I had him try it and he was impressed!!

Okay, let’s get to the nitty gritty!


Eggs. Bread. Butter… that’s literally all you need! Of course you can add salt and/or pepper, cheese, hot sauce… whatever!

Step 1.

Butter your bread and lay it in your pan butter side down!

Step 2.

Take the back of a spoon and smush in the middle of your bread. You really can use your fingers for this part, I was just being sanitary for your benefit 😉.

Step 3.

Crack your egg into the pit, cover the pan with a lid… Or I use my plate (of course that plate is not plastic or paper). This will help your egg cook on top while the bread is toasting underneath. I turned the stove top burner to medium heat and let sit for a few minutes and checked it.

Step 4.

Once your egg starts cooking into the bread and the bottom of your bread is cooked to what you like –should I be referring to it as toast?- flip!

You are going to want to be careful doing this, just like you would be making a fried egg.

Before i flip this, i usually turn the burner off because the pan will be hot enough to keep cooking, you dont have to but I find it easier. The amount of time you cook it on this side is all preference, Nate likes his egg sunny side up or over easy so his is a quick flip and done, I like mine over medium so I usually turn the burner off and leave it a little longer.

The flip it onto your plate! As this point you can eat it or throw some cheese on it. When it comes to my eggs, I usually like the processed kraft sliced cheese!

*Note to self, sliced kraft cheese does not photograph well.*

After this, I will put my pan over top of it to help speed up the melting process.

Final step: Eat!


  • Eggs
  • Bread
  • Butter
  • Cheese (opt.)
  • Salt and pepper (opt.)
  • Anything else you like on your eggs


  1. Butter one side of your bread completely & place butter side down in cooking pan.
  2. Press the middle of the bread down into the pan (you can use your fingers or the rounded part of a spoon).
  3. Crack and egg into the indentation you made in the bread,season. Turn on burner to medium heat and cover pan with lid.
  4. Cook until egg started to cook into your bread and bottom of your bread is tour desired toastiness.
  5. Flip carefully, so you don’t break your yolk (if you do, I’m sure that’s fine too) & let it cool until it’s at least over easy.
  6. Flip back over onto your plate and add your cheese

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