Making A Comeback! ♢

An apology is in order here, I went off the grid for a while and feel terrible about it. My family went through a lot of changes from deaths, moves & lots of drama! I have been thinking about blogging again but think I’ll be switching gears a little bit here… I’m going to try and focus on recipes and maybe a few family updates here and there! Our Walmart has decided to stop price matching competition & with two girls 2 and under clipping coupons is just too time consuming for me so I rely on ibotta and Walmart Savings Catcher for my money saving! Maybe one day I’ll feel up to clipping coupons along with grocery store hoping again but for now, I’m keeping it simple! 😊 

I’ll give you an update on my life these days and later post a recipe! 


Taken at For The Kidz Gymnastics 

Eliana is almost 2.5 years old and she make this mom proud! Girl is FEARLESS, we went to The Kidz Gymnastics and she went right for the huge blown up obstacle course and slide then had her aunt put her on a rope swing to dive into a foam pit! Honestly, a place to look into if you’re ever in Michigan! She has really grown to be an amazing older sister, she always has been but I thought for sure she would have been sick of sharing her mom and dad by now… WRONG! Makes me happy! 

Laina knows all of her colors (well, the basics… we haven’t tackled the turquoise, maroon & all of those yet)! She seems to lean toward green and pinks as her favorites but daddy has taught her “go blue” for U of M… not my first choice in college sports but her father has won that battle! She knows how to sing her ABCs & can USUALLY tell you what each upper case letter is, she can count to 12 with success each time and occasionally count to 20 without mistakes. She also knows how to count “how many” of something there is (like how many cookies mom is going you eat). She is really a bright star and we love her very much and are always proud of this pretty girl! 


Photo credit: Me! 

This little shining star just turned 7 months old!! She loves everything involving food… we usually just feed her what we’re eating for the most part and I have yet to find something she doesn’t like she also loves her mommy’s milk! As you can see, she isn’t hungry for any length of time! She loves her mommy, daddy and sissy but doesn’t like being “left alone”! She loves attention but is honestly, such a happy little girl! She seems to have zero interest in crawling but always manages to get to where she wants to be! She sleeps all night but not one for long naps but I’ll take it! My little sweetie has the most beautiful eyes and loves to smile, making my annoying obsession with taking pictures of them even worse! 😜  I could go on and on about both of them but I’ll leave you with some of my favorite pictures from Everlee’s little photo shoot we had the other day! 


Nate started a new job that will have us living closer to my family, we are looking for a place to live and also have to take into consideration SCHOOLS!! That just seems crazy to me that, that isn’t THAT far away! Right now he is making the drive back home on his days off while staying with my mom on days he works. It’s about a 3 hour drive and it really sucks for us, especially having an unpredictable traveler (cough cough Everlee). 


I have just been doing what I do everyday. Wake up, make breakfast, make lunch, play with the kids, make dinner, laundry, cleaning… every day housewife stuff…housewife but not a wife, calling myself a house seemed strange  though(guess I could say homemaker). I also take care of my nephew Tuesday- Friday now, he’s almost a year and a half so most days I’m chasing after two kids two and under while holding my happy baby (see why I don’t have time to clip coupons now?), so I usually get my daily workout in without actually working out!! 

So that’s it!! You are all caught up on my beautiful family!! Hope you enjoy my posts to come! 

Broomball champion picture /only family pictures we have right now. 


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