Saturday Savings (on Sunday… again)


My plan was to write about my weekly savings on Saturday but somehow I’ve managed to have to write about it on Sunday two weeks in a row. Oops! The one good thing about that, this week I won’t have to come back to update this because I got all of my savings back already! 

Price matching

We just got one- forth of a cow delivered to us on Wednesday so we have absolutely zero room in our chest freezer until further notice. We actually had to pull stuff out of our chest and fit what we could in the fridge freezer… then had a very frozen and strange dinner that night. So I might be missing out on a lot of frozen food deals for a while. I did want to make a sausage and potato soup (I’ll post the recipe soon) & veggie wraps (read about it here) this week, so I wrote down the ingredients to start my list and then went on to check the sales. 

You’ll notice the sales say expired, they expired today but I went shopping on Wednesday.

Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage: I need the sausage rope for my soup, I save $0.09 on one, I bought two to add to my savings putting me at a total of $0.18 saved here.

Ball Park Hotdogs: We are hot dog people, I know they are terrible for you but they are so easy, not too expensive and delicious with the right toppings! The deal for Ball Park was 2/ $5 meaning you pay $2.50 per package, they are originally  $3.48 saving you $0.98 each or a total of $1.96 for the got dogs 

Kraft Salad Dressing: 2/ $3.00 for kraft dressing is a good deal. You’d usually pay $1.98 per bottle at Walmart but price matching Meijer’s deals you save $0.48 each bottle or $0.96 off them both. 

Gatorade 8 Pack: Nate and I both drink Gatorade like it’s going to be discontinued, especially now that I’m trying to quit pop (typed this as a Dr Pepper is sitting next to me). I always buy the big ones when they are on sale but I usually buy the 8 packs of 20 fl oz, they fit in the fridge better. The 8 pack usually runs at $5.44 but this week at Meijer they were on sale for $3.99, saving this gal $1.45 a piece. I bought 2 8 packs so that was $2.90 savings. 

 Total savings of $6.00 so far 


Never a let down, ibotta had some pretty good cash backs this week. 

We can always use cereal because I have three people in this house that don’t know how to cook breakfast (Nate, Everlee & Laina) so that’s usually what they eat when Nate is in charge of feeding himself & Elaina. Everything else was pretty normal stuff we need- bread, cheese, onions, peppers, eggs. We got all of that steak so I needed some seasoning to go with it & then I thought why not to this brand of Hotdogs? 

Double savings: the sausage rope was a price match for $0.18 off two ropes and $0.50 back on ibotta when you buy 2, total savings of $0.68 there. 

Total savings of $10.00 so far


Using I found a few coupons for things I found useful

All of the coupons I used this week were Walmart only but with each one being $1 off, I saved $4 with coupons. 

Total savings so far equalling $14.00

Savings Catcher

With the $1.63 back from savings catcher added in with everything else… 

Grand Total Savings: $15.63


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