Moby Wrap!

Talk It Up Thursday!

Okay, maybe I already wrote about Duncan Hines Perfect Size Cake for Thursday but my Moby Wrap is something that can not go uunnoticed after my day today. 

Grocery shopping.

Nate and Elaina both love their milk, we were out and Nate had the day off so I thought it would be a good day for me and Everlee to go to Walmart. I was able to feed her and get her to sleep before going but there was a fly in the car that must have been attacking her while I was driving and woke her up… we live next to a farm, unless you’ve seen how bad they are around cow poop, you won’t understand my hatred for them. By the time we got to town, Everlee was bright eyed and ready to hang out so I had get out the wrap and “wear her”. 

Baby wearing is something I’ve done around the house, for walks & light cooking but never in the store, I’ve wanted to before but left it at home, making for a hectic trip you can read about here. So today I was a little excited when she woke up so we could give it a shot… until she started searching for her food! My options were to go to the back, sit down and feed her or figure out how nurse her in the wrap so I can get my shopping down while she ate, I decided it was time to learn how to kill two birds with one stone. 

I’m totally fine with the whole “free the nipple” movement but my personal preference is to wear my hooter hider while feeding. I went to the back of the store to get a little privacy getting her latched on, threw my nursing cover over us & went on to do my shopping. 

I went shopping in the afternoon so there was mostly elderly people there who took a large interested in the wrap. I had a woman who couldn’t have been much older than 40 ask me where I got my wrap and if it was easy to use  (no, that is NOT what I consider elderly). I told her I watched Jessica On Babies for her tutorial on how to feed her while in the wrap & I searched Pinterest for different ways to wrap it- both things I’d recommend doing for anybody who wanted help. 


Click here for the wrap I have. It retails at $49.99 but Everlee isn’t even 2 months old & I’m sure I’ve got what my mom paid for. 

Click here for my nursing cover. I didn’t order it from this site nor have I ever used it. I got mine at Buy Buy Baby over 2 years ago but they dropped this pattern. 


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