A Simpleton’s Dinner

Mashed potatoes is by far one my favorite foods! You can use any kind of potatoes, eat them with ranch or gravy, add bacon & cheese, stuff them in perogies, so many things you can do with them! I like instant mashed potatoes & I like homemade but my favorite has always been my mom’s, she uses redskins & leaves the skin on them & boy is it good! 

Nate is more of a meat lover, you put any sort of pork, beef or chicken in from of him and he sure to like it. He never requires a side with his main dish(although he likes his vegetables), where I usually fill up on the bread, veggies & whatever else is there to eat.  

Noodles are one of Elaina’s favorite food. It can be Hamburger Helper, chicken Alfredo or anything else with noodles, she’ll eat it! If I’d let her, she would have Mac & Cheese for lunch every day, it’s a perfect combo of noodles and cheese for her. 

Yesterday while laying in bed watching Law & Order SVU & hanging out with Everlee  (Nate had the day off so him & Elaina went to spend some time together), I was trying to think of something new I could make. I love finding new and easy meals to make! Something about trying something new & liking it makes me a happy gal, I’m even happier when I’m the one who makes it. So I started by pulling Eckrich Cheddar Smoked Sausage from our freezer, always a hit with Nate. I want to pair that with some noodles but wasn’t too sure what kind and I didn’t want plain ol’ buttered noodles…  Pinterest I went, I found some good ideas but ultimately came up with something simple on my own. I bought two bags of steamable potatoes that I wanted to try so I figured, no time like the present!


I cut up the sausage into about 1/2 inch pieces, threw in a little olive oil and fried them up on medium-low heat so they’d cook nice & slow.  Nate likes them burnt & crispy so that’s how I cook them but you may want to take them off earlier than I did if that’s not how you like your sausage. While those are cooking, I’ll start my noodles… 

Garlic Parmesan Noodles. 

I filled a medium size pan with about 4 cups of water & added 2 beef bouillon cubes once it started to bubble. After it hit send boil I added a handful fettuccine noodles & cooked them until they were done! I always throw them at the wall to see if they stick, pretty unnecessary but also pretty fun.

I drained the noodles in a strainer, added a squirt of squeeze garlic, a larger spoon full of Blue Bonnet butter & your desired amount of parmesan cheese (remember, you can always add more). 

Mashed Potatoes! (My favorite part)

While my water for my noodles was heating up, I threw my bag of steamable red potatoes in the microwave for 9 minutes (I did the longer time knowing I’m going to mashed them). 

After they cooked for 9 minutes, I let them sit for a minute (as directed on the package) then poured them in a bowl big enough to mashed them in and add a few things. It’s best to work with these while they are still hot, so I added a large scoop of butter to mix in to them while I mashed them with my slotted wooden spatula. 

Then I added about 5 oz of cream cheese (just over half of the items 8 oz) & stir it in until it’s all mixed in. Next I squirt in my sour cream and mix that in completely. 

To add just so little more flavor, I added my favorite mix of seasoning- lawry seasoning and parmesan cheese. 

I usually know how much to add by taste. I don’t use a lot of parmesan but I coat the top of the potatoes with the seasoning salt then mix it up well

That’s it!! 


Once you’ve finished those items, fix yourself a plate ans enjoy!! 

Garlic Parmesan Noodles:

1. Boil 4 cups of water & dissolve bouillon cubes then add your fettuccine noodles and cooked until done. Drain. 

2. Take a spoonful of butter, squeeze garlic & parmesan cheese and mix until butter is melted and everything is mixed together well. 
Mashed Potatoes 

1. Cook the steamable potatoes in the microwave for 9 minutes and let them rest for 1. Pour them into a bowl big enough to mash the potatoes & added a few ingredients. 

2. Scoop a large spoonful of butter into the potatoes, mash the potatoes while mixing in the butter as it melts. Then do the same thing with cream cheese until it’s well blended. Squirt in your source cream and mix again. Everything should be well mixed at this point.

3. Sprinkle in your lawry seasoning & parmesan to taste. I cover the potatoes with lawry and just sprinkle a little parmesan in until they are both at the desired taste you want. 


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