Saturday Savings (on Sunday)!

Wedding Saturday!

Nathan was asked to be in one of his long time best friends weddings this weekend, of course he said yes & boy did he look handsome! We’re down to one car right now so this made a very busy morning for me and the girls (I’m sure Nate was pretty busy himself). We had to run nate to town about 20 minutes away, come home and get ready, off to the wedding, go to their grandpas house for a bit, drop Elaina off to her aunts while me and Everlee went to the grocery store then went to the reception, an hour and 40 minutes in the car for them and 2 hours and 40 minutes for me after going back to pick Nate up later that night. The car rides were enough to make for a long day but the stops in between were rather eventful, leaving me with no time or energy to post about my savings last night! You didn’t come here to read about my day though, you came to hear about my money saving ways!

There’s Nate coming out of the barn where the wedding took place, told you he looked dapper!


Last Sunday I failed to mention one of my favorite forms of saving money- COUPONS! You can find coupons in the paper, in ads you get in the mail, Dollar General has an app with digital coupons as do most other stores, you can look on websites of the items you are looking to buy (like if you want to buy huggies diapers try going to their website), then there’s my favorite place to find coupons,! To print from you have to download a software to your computer but I have never had an issue with it, I usually pull the website up right on my phone and ‘clip’ the coupons I want then send them to my email, open the email on my desktop and print from there. You can usually print up to 3 copies of one coupon too!

Most weeks I look on my Ibotta app & clip the things I plan to buy, anything I’m interested in buying and anything I usually buy but might not need at the moment. My next move is to go to and clip any coupons for anything I plan to buy, am interested in buying & anything I usually buy but not planning to buy. I like to clip any and all coupons I get in the mail just in case but, when I lived in the city I only clipped any that interested me because I got a lot more than I do now. Once my Ibotta is done and my coupons are clipped, I go through my price matches using Flipp (remember to check your store policy to see if the price match before you take this step, or just plan to grocery hop). Now I have my coupons clipped, ibotta clipped and my deals on Flipp clipped so all I need to do is see what I can cross to get the best deal. A lot of the time ibotta and the coupons go together but every so often I’m able to match up all 3 & get an amazing deal! I have been able to earn money from things I bought from the store, that doesn’t happen too often but that is definitely an exciting day when it does!!


I didn’t have much to get yesterday, I wasn’t able to get anything that needed to stay cold or frozen because I wasn’t going right home & I’m trying to avoid buying too much before moving. On the list of the few things I needed, I wasn’t able to price match but ibotta never fails me!! I didn’t hit the jackpot or anything but I got $1 back on things I already had on my list. 


Velveeta is always nice to have on hand but it’s so dang expensive now days, so I always have my eyes peeled for any deals or coupons saving me money on it. Well I got lucky this week and there was $1 off coupon! It was a Walmart only coupon but that’s okay with me!

Savings Catcher

I didn’t get too much this week so I’m not expecting much, if anything, back but I’ll update this post once I get my results back. 

Wow! To my surprise, I got back $2.19! I really didn’t think I’d be getting anything back but that over  $2 toward Christmas!
Deals I missed! 

I was pretty disappointed in myself when I got home and realized I missed out on getting Everlee diapers for $5.72! We usually go with Huggies for disposable diapers & they run for $7.97 for a size 1 pack of 44. I haven’t started yet but soon she’ll be in Elainas old cloth diapers for when we’re home saving me a whole lot of money!!

then ibotta had 25 cents back for diapers. 

And there was the coupon for $2 off.

If you are a pamper person you could have paid $6.97 at checkout and got 25 cents back, making them a total of $6.72. 
I also missed out on Nesquik chocolate milk! This is a huge bummer, me and Nate both love chocolate milk (even if my body doesn’t), Elaina isn’t much of a fan though. With a coupon and ibotta I could have bought this 10 pack for $6.14 when it’s original price is $8.39 (even if this isn’t the price your store sells it for, you can have them price match their online price).

 Ibotta would get you $1.25 back. So that’s a $1.25 toward Christmas! 

The coupon is for $1 off.

This week wasn’t too big of a win for me but I was able to have an extra  $2 to put in my piggy bank. If I would have been paying more attention, I would have had $6.50 but we win some and lose some I guess! Although, I would call saving any sort of money a win! 


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