Friday Festivities!!

Not so TGIF. 

We are in the process of moving so in between Everlee’s feeding I’ve been trying to get things together to make it a little easier. When we found out we were having a girl while I was pregnant with Elaina, we made the mistake of telling people before the baby shower… we made the bigger mistake of telling my (future) MIL! Sharon,  MIL, went hog wild on buying baby girl clothes and then it seemed like that’s most of what we got from everybody else when the shower came around. Of course, I was grateful (even more grateful for the people who gave us gift receipts) and in Sharon’s defense, Elaina was her first grandchild and she was just as excited as I was to hear we were having a baby girl but, I had an overwhelming amount of baby clothes. As Elaina got older, so did other people’s kids so we got their hand-me-downs (yes, most people say no when they don’t want things but I have a hard time  saying no to stuff). Flash forward to today and we are on our second daughter and I have to go through all of those clothes again & then some, if I get it done now I won’t have that burden on top of unpacking. Sorting, bagging and labeling was a good chunk of my day. 

 *that’s not even all of her clothes. Have more in the room, 0-3, 3 month & 3-6 month are out & out niece has a portion as well*

Our day started later than usual, both girls wanted to give me the luxury of sleeping in. After I made Elaina scrambled eggs for breakfast, I thought I better figure out what Elaina, Everlee and I are going to wear to the wedding we have to attend tomorrow afternoon. I looked in my closet and had to let out a sigh because I still have 15-20 pounds to lose before I fit in a good chunk of my clothes, looking at the bright side of that, my options are limited so I shouldn’t take too long to decide. My long, solid teal dress looks like the winner but it’s wrinkled, “shoot” I think to myself! Now I have to iron the dress… orrrrrr I could do a load of laundry and throw the dress in with it so once it’s done drying it should be wrinkle free- that sounded much better! I notice the door on our washing machine was shut and thought how strange that was but proceeded to collect clothes from the hampers. After I decided I had enough for a full load I went back to our laundry room, opened the washers door and the load of whites I washed yesterday never made it to the dryer! I added some soap and hit “quick wash” on the machine, 30 minute delay didn’t seem too bad… not that I had much choice at this point & noway could I throw a blue dress in with my white (I’m very picky on how I do laundry but I’ll save that story for another day). Now that I had my outfit figured out, I had to decide what Elaina was going to wear. She has so many cute dresses so the dilemma with her was deciding what one was going to be the winner. She has this cute dress she wore for Easter & hasn’t been able to wear it since, as long as it fits her, that’s what she’ll wear. Now on to Everlee, first thing I see is her white dress with a pink sweater that if she doesn’t wear soon, she’ll outgrow it- that was too easy! Here’s where I started sorting baby clothes, something I came back to throughout the day. 

No Nap?

Once I got the dress in the dryer I started to feel like I got my stuff together. I made the decision Everlee would get a bath at 3, Elaina at 5 and then I would shower at 7 to prep my hair around 8 (if that goes well, it’ll be Tuesdays post). I got Everlee in for her tub time on time, so I’m thinking I’m doing well but Elaina is starting to get grumpy and she hates napping! Nate got home around 4-4:30 and tried to put her down but that just didn’t work & he was due to leave by 5 to get to the rehearsal dinner…. that didn’t work out for him, he wasn’t able to leave until 20 after because Elaina had an emotional breakdown and wanted her daddy. Once he calmed her down, I started to run her a bath, she seemed excited about it! Running back and forth from her toy room to the bathroom, putting toys in the tub while the water poured in. Apparently she only wanted her toys to take a bath because that was a disaster, I’ll spare you the details but know there were a lot of tears and she was in & out within 7 minutes. After putting her lotion on, I was hoping she’d just go to sleep even though it was only 6 pm & I usually don’t like her to sleep before 7 but no such luck!  Out of nowhere she decided to be happy & go play so I went back to the baby clothes.



Elaina stayed up later than she usually does tonight, even later than she does when she actually naps. I got Everlee to sleep early, that was nice because I was able to give Elaina the attention she wanted and needed!  Once she fell asleep in my arms, I turned on Law & Order SVU & just relaxed. A big  part of me wanted to burst into tears from stress & love- stress from the emotional day Elaina had & love because once they were both sleeping I could help but think how lucky I am! I’m not usually too emotional so I’ll go ahead & blame it on hormones & adjusting to two! 


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