Talk It Up Thursday- lipsticks 

Why lipstick?

As much as I love hanging out at home in my sweats & not clogging my pores with makeup, I also LOVE doing my makeup. I like to play with different shades of eye shadow but lipstick is what always stands out to me. Being confident in your lipstick means being confident in yourself, in my opinion & day to day experiences. When I have a bold lip color I feel “bossy” & important  (even though I’m usually just going to the grocery store or a doctor appointment). I don’t consider lipstick a ‘must have’ when I wear makeup but it’s definitely fun!

Wet & Wild- silk finish lipstick 

While shopping at the Dollar tree for some carpet cleaner yesterday I went down the makeup aisle to see what they had for lipstick shades and I came across Dark Wine & Breeze & instantly fell in love with them both. 

Dark Wine is the color of a dark red wine (as you could imagine), it’s a very dark red but not a brown red. I think it will be a awesome shade come Christmas time, or any other day you’re feeling red lip fierce! Below is a picture of my lips with it on-dont mind the terrible applications you will see in this post. This is a bold color, it will definitely get you noticed. I wear a lot of blue clothing, I usually do light eye makeup and pair that with a red lip. This is a little darker than the reds I’m used to but I am definitely a fan. 

Breeze has a much different feel to it, it’s more of a lighter shade. It’s a light brown or nude-tan maybe even almost pinkish color, subtle enough to wear with almost anything. I’d consider this more of a “safe” shade of lipstick, something that’s not too risky but sure to look good. I would probably wear this shade if I were to go for an interview or somewhere I’m expected to look professional. 


This is something I’ve just recently started to try, Ombre lips! First you take your darker color and only put it on the outside of your lips & fill the middle in with the lighter color. It should blend pretty nicely. These two colors made an awesome Ombre, we have a wedding to go to this weekend and I’m thinking I may go with that look. 

Is it worth the price?

Earlier I talked about where I got these lip colors, the Dollar Tree, so going off of that you’d know I only paid  $1 for these… unless you’ve never been there, in that case I’d strongly recommend checking it out! Wet & Wild lipstick have always been good to me, they stay on all day long and I never have to rub it off my teeth, both are something I look for in my makeup. I don’t have any issue with them drying out my lips but I always lather my lips with Vaseline while I do my makeup, blot it off once everything but my lips are done and then apply my lipstick. I would certainly recommend this to anybody who isn’t interested in paying much (or hardly anything) in their lipstick but looking for something that lasts. 



3 thoughts on “Talk It Up Thursday- lipsticks 

    1. Thank you so much!! I only use them if I have a lip moisturizer with me but I tend to have sensitive lips so you might be okay! Thanks for the comment


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