Talk about it Tuesday

Talk about it Tuesday. 

There is always something going on in this world we live in, isn’t there? There’s always something going on in my world as well, so why not talk about it? Every Tuesday I’ll pick a topic to talk about, I always welcome opinions and ideas in the comment section so don’t be bashful! In light of my daughter turning 2 in less than a month, let’s make this about gift ideas for a 2 year old girl! 

2 year old gift ideas. 

The thought of my daughter turning 2 has given me a lot of different emotions, happiness because she is really growing up to be a wonderful little person with a beautiful imagination and sadness because she was just a baby not too long ago. Of course I could go on about all of my feeling but I’d like to focus this post on what in the heck I’m going to get her!! I’ve been searching for things for a while now, between her birthday and Christmas I like to have a few ideas by now, so here are the things I’ve come.ip with: 

1. Melissa and Doug Lets Play House Vacuum Cleaner

when I’m vacuuming the house, Elaina always tries to help me by grabbing the handle. It’s so sweet so I can’t say no but she is a shorty so her holding the handle makes it so the suction isn’t touching the ground, so we’re wasting electricity and getting nothing done at this point… but how do you tell your child not to help you? So I thought this might be the perfect thing for both of us in that situation.

2. Casdon Kids Play Electronic Washer

 So being a stay at home mom, I tend to do housework and my daughter likes to help, these items have nothing to do with how I expect things to be in a home, just so we’re clear on that. I thought of this as a gift last month when she was helping me take clothes from the washing machine and in to the dryer… with chocolate hands that I didn’t notice right away! I was able to save the clothes,don’t worry!  

3.Kids Adventure Jumbo Blocks Beginner Set – 24 Piece

How cool are these? Elaina loves all of her building blocks but she doesn’t have any that are the size of her sister!! Okay, Everlee might be bigger than those blocks but you understand my point. I think we could make some pretty awesome forts with these things & can’t leave out the thought of using these to make a wall for future snowball fights! 

4. Aquaoodle Drawing Mat with Neon Color Reveal

 Coloring in coloring books, chalk on the sidewalk & drawing on the walls & herself are a few of Elainas favorite things to do so why not get her something that is similar but also not going to ruin my walls! Another win-win!

5. Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker PadThe age on this does start at 3 so if you don’t think this would be a good idea for you child, don’t get it. There is a choking hazard warning so I would recommend not getting this for a child who likes to put things in his/her mouth. Elaina likes her stickers, I’m always peeling then off something and this would be the perfect alternative to that! 

6. Casdon Kids Play Mini Market Till

Another toy that is technically recommend got ages 3 and up, we’ve been working on counting lately and so far Elaina can count to 13, this would be an awesome toy to introduce math with those numbers. The till has a working calculator and the microphone is flexible to make it more fun. 

7. Berry Toys My First Portable Play and Carry Doctor Play Set

Going to the doctor is never fun for kids, so that makes it no fun for us as parents. I think giving your child the ability to be the doctor might help! 

8. Berry Toys My First Portable Play and Carry Vanity Play Set

Whenever I do my makeup, I always have a little girl to the right of me grabbing at my makeup brush, so I bought her a cheap one for pretend. I want my daughter to play with things age appropriate so I like the thought of this much better! I think I would even let her do my makeup with this set! 

9. New Sprouts® Puppy Play

Most children I’ve met in my life time happen to be animal lovers! I think this is a nice toy for little kids, teach them about how to care for animal… also may save my 4 pound dog from the extreme amount of love Elaina give him on a daily basis!

10. American Plastic My Very Own Nursery

After I gave birth to my daughter Everlee, Elaina has had a major obsession with baby dolls and all things baby! Buying her baby dolls for her birthday will certainly happen but I thought this was absolutely adorable for her dolls. I know she’d love it and would probably make me put her baby to bed when I put her and Everlee down. 


Personally, I love all of these items as gifts for my daughter. I’d love to hear any other ideas for 2 year olds, this post was mostly aimed toward little girl gifts but I’ve yet to know a little boy who doesn’t show an interest in the same toys as my daughter. I definitely see myself getting her the massive blocks for either her birthday or Christmas and the washing machine is just too cute for me to pass up! 


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