Saturday Savings!

Hopefully you had the chance to check out yesterday’s Friday Festivities, if not you should click the link and check it out! If you have you’d know me and the littles went grocery shopping yesterday & I’m here today to tell you about how I was able to save money!! 

Walmart’s store policy. 

In Walmart’s policy is states you can price match any item, you don’t even need to bring the other stores Ad, although they are aloud to check themselves. Usually I write a list and then check the ads for sales & write the sale price and store name next to the item on my list. Different stores always have different deals so my list usually grows as I scan the ads- seriously, you should look at the amount of food we have. I’ll usually screen shot the ad just in case they want to check it, saves me time in the line. If your looking for an app that has all of the ads in it, I’d recommend Flipp, I use it weekly. I know Walmart is usually a pain in the butt kind of store in the city but their policy saves me from having to store hop (not that I really have the option in my area). This week though, unfortunately, I didn’t have time to check the ads so I didn’t save money price matching, hopefully next week I’ll have a better story when it comes to price matching. 

Walmart Savings Catcher 

The Walmart app has a nice little tool called savings catcher, if you shop at Walmart & aren’t using it, today is a good day to start. All you have to do is scan you receipt & within a few days it tells you if you missed any deals (assuming you are price matching) & you get the difference back on an electronic Walmart gift card. I usually don’t get too much back but it does add up. I have over $30 on mine & with my daughters birthday & Christmas coming up, that’s at least one gift! I haven’t received this week’s details just yet but I’ll update once I do if you’d like to check back. 

(Update: I received  $3.07 back this week)


Here is where I have the most fun!! You download this app & get money back for things you are buying, they usually have eggs & milk on there for 25cents cash back each. You can cash out at $20, you have options between a few things for how you’d like to receive your money -I alway pick PayPal & transfer to my bank account or just shop online. I also try to save this for Christmas or birthdays, for the amount of effort into have to put in, I deem it totally worth it! Once you ‘unlock’ each rebate, you grocery shop, drive home, scan the Barcode of the unlocked items and then scan the receipt- so easy!! I received  $5 back from my groceries, $1 for the September level 2 bonus & .50 cents for the General Mills bonus totalling $6.50 back on a fairly low grocery bill, for us anyway. I usually add that to how much I saved on price matching & whatever comes back on the savings catcher and give myself a big pat on the back! 



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