Friday’s Festivities!!

Our Trip to Walmart 

If you’ve read my first blog post you will know I have two daughters, Elaina who will be two in October & Everlee who was born on August 11th (making her about a month today). Something you wouldn’t know from my previous post is the fact we live in the middle of nowhere, the closest grocery store is 20-25 minutes away from our house & the only grocery stores within an hour of us are Walmart, Family Fare, Walgreens & rite-aid and I hardly consider the last two grocery stores. I’m a frugal person so I usually avoid Family Fair unless there’s a good deal but now that I’m dragging around two under two, I’m only willing to do a one stop shop- Walmart it is! 

Today my other half  had a job interview & I had grocery shopping to do so he dropped me & the girls off at Walmart while he went to do his thing. Well, I put Elaina in the cart, reached in the car to grab Everlee & her seat out and I notice she had spit up… A LOT, at this point I knew my first stop is the bathroom once we got inside the store. By the time we made it from the parking lot to the bathroom in the back of the store (usually less crowded) Everlee was crying so I’m praying that the trip gets better, no such luck! I lay her on the changing table to change her clothes and her diaper. Meanwhile Elaina is dancing around saying she needs to go potty, so I rush Ev’s changing to put Elaina on the toilet & Everlee is still crying… so I did what I had to do, I breastfed her in the bathroom standing while my oldest did her business. By the time we left the bathroom, a half hour after arrival, Everlee was sleeping in her seat & Elaina was calm in the cart. 

Wipes, Gerber puffs, eggs & cheese is about as far as I got into checking off my list until Everlee wakes up, she was content but I knew it wouldn’t be long (did I mention she is not a fan of her seat?) so I start rushing but that only makes me miss things in each aisle. Just as I predicted, she starts fussing so I took her out & reached in the diaper bag for the Moby Wrap, not it there. So there I was, pushing Elaina in the cart while carrying Everlee and reaching for groceries. I was frustrated at first but strangely enough, strangers made me feel better, I got a lot of “I remember those days”, “you sure have your hands full”,  “what beautiful girls” & “it’s ok” for every time I had to say sorry for being in somebody way or almost running them over, so my spirits were up! 

About 45 minutes into shopping, Everlee fell asleep so I put her back in her seat knowing I didn’t have too much more to get and I could make it through quickly without her in my arms. As I’m reaching for strawberries, my last item, she wakes up!! I’m thinking “if I can get to the check out & finish up there, I’ll feed her and hopefully Nate will be here.” She starts fussing before we reach the registers so I decided to sit on the bench in the front of the store to feed her. Elaina starts to get impatient so we had to play ‘where’s mommy’ with the nursing cover and she was fine. 

Everlee finished up and we went to check out, start loading up the belt and I hear the worst sound! Yup, the sound of her filling her diaper! Naturally, she started to cry once she finished up and I’m stuck! So I had to just listen to her cry while I waited for the cashier, who was extremely slow but very nice, scan each item. “$161.87 is your total” the cashier says to me right as Nate shows up. He loads up Elaina and the groceries while I change Everlee & off to McDonald’s we go!! Don’t worry, that part was a success! 
Now I’m home, just finished nursing Everlee, Elaina is laying with her dad getting ready for bed & I’m happy the day is done! Also extremely happy for the strangers that really turned my day around. If there’s a lesson in my day, being nice to somebody you don’t know really turn everything around but I’m not here to teach you a cheesy (but true) lesson, just hope you got a kick out of me getting used to parenting two under two! 

Check in tomorrow where I show you my frugal side in “Saturday Savings”.


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