Best Scrambled Eggs

All my life I’ve always thought my mom made the best Scrambled Eggs by adding milk to fluff them up, comparing her eggs to almost anybody else’s I’ve ever tried, they are AMAZING! So if you don’t have sour cream *ding ding ding, that’s the amaze-maker* I would certainly recommend adding a little bit of milk, not too much though, you don’t want them to be watery (milky?). As long you have eggs and sour cream you are good to go! 

I always use Daisy sour cream because it’s the best in my opinion, I usually buy the ‘light’ kind but they didn’t have it the last time I went to the store. 

To make the Scrambled Eggs is simple, crack your eggs in a bowl and add the amount of sour cream you’d like (I usually use about a TBSP for 2 eggs), mix them together with a fork, pour in a greased pan, cook over medium heat for about two minutes them start to scramble your eggs, add your cheese at this time if you desire to & víola!! 

This is by far my favorite breakfast to make my daughter, Elaina, in the morning. It’s healthy & a good source of protein especially with the added cheese!! She loves them, they have a good amount of flavor and they are quick and easy for me to whip up while Everlee sleeps. 
Scrambled Eggs 

  • eggs
  • Sour cream (about TBSP per 2 eggs)
  • Cheese (opt)

1. Crack eggs in bowl 

2. Add sour cream and mix well

3. Pour mix in greased pan and let cook on med heat for about 2 minutes. Start to scramble the eggs and add desired amount of cheese. 


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