My Girls 

Getting to know my babies!!


In my intro I slightly introduced my girls but here I’ll give you a little more insight into who they are. 

Elaina is my oldest daughter, she will be 2 years old on October 3rd & is a big ball of fun, silly, saucy and many other things! She has been potty trained officially for about 6 months (okay, you caught me bragging) she has a big personality that is so much fun but can be challenging at times, her imagination is out of this world and I just enjoy watching her play with her baby dolls and other toys. She really loves Daniel Tiger, The Little Mermaid, Horton Hears a Who, Frozen and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We haven’t had too many issues introducing her to her new baby sister, she only shows jealousy when she gets tired but she is far from the most gentle girl when it comes to her baby sister, she certainly thinks she is just another baby doll for her to play with. I’m sure as time goes on you’ll get a glimpse of who this little firecracker is so I’ll stop bragging… I mean talking about her now. 

Everlee was born August 11th of this year. She was 7 lbs 10 ounces, born about 2 weeks early. I am breastfeeding her exclusively and love every minute of it… until I wake up soaking wet because I have leaked through my nursing pad, bra and shirt. She is such a good, happy and alert baby who never had a problem distinguishing her night and day, she does wake up about 3 am for about an hour and again at 6 to start the day, although she naps by  8 and so do I (until Elaina gets up at 8:30-9), overall she has been a pretty easy baby so far. She definitely is not a fan of tummy time, doesn’t even like to rest on my chest whole laying on her stomach she agrees “back is best”.

We are moving some time within the month into a house that will have bedrooms for both of the girls (and a walk-in closet for mwah) so that will be exciting to set up! 

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